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Dr. Dave Ray is VP of TLF
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Trichology Phenomenon 2022





We bring to you Trichology from a global standpoint. In this one space, you will be able to access a wide array of information relating to hair maladies, hair loss, scalp disorders, and general hair care. 

|Trusted By Over 850 Clients

  With More Than Satisfactory Outcome.

Yes, many have engaged our services as both Professionals and consumers. They have all reported their satisfaction with what we have recommended, supplied, and provided. We continue to seek the best remedies for the affected who choose to solicit our services. Our products are organically tested by labs in India and South Korea as they have the most advanced technology in Trichology implements and remedies.

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We believe in having a confidential evaluation with each client to harness the requisite information in order to make a thorough record file. Every client's information must be kept under high security as it might contain personal medical information.

Hair and Scalp Analysis will provide a clearer picture of the client's concerns and maladies. A topical follicular device is used to gain a microscopic view of the scalp's epidermis and/or hair's cuticular stratum

After a thorough evaluation and assessment, not only will the client profit from our recommendation but we will gain the satisfaction of knowing that we have assisted another client in remedying the malady.

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